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Boka redan nu! Nästa SFPOG-symposium blir i MALMÖ 5 april 2019

ISPOG 2019 Congress, 9-12 oktober 2019, Haag

2028 års symposium hölls på Eugeniahemmet i Stockholm.
"Vad ska jag säga på morgonmötet?" Second victim - när vårdpersonal traumatiseras.

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International congress

The ISPOG international congress is held every third year. In 1992 Stockholm Sweden hosted the event with more than 600 delegates. The fifth congress was in Kyoto, Japan and the sixth in Venice, Italy 2010. The next congress, called "The brain – the body – the society", in Berlin, May, 2013, for more information http://www.ispog2013.de/ .

ISPOG: member countries are Argentine, Australia, Austria, Brazil, France, Germany, Hungary, the Netherlands, Israel, Italy, Japan, South Korea, Spain, Sweden, Switzerland, Turkey, United Kingdom and Uruguay.

The ISPOG Executive Board

For more information http://www.ispog.org/

The Swedish Society

In relationship to the annual assembly a scientific and clinical symposium is arranged. Recent topics have been: "Sexually abused - what happens later?"; "Women’s sexuality – lust or scourge?"; "Post-traumatic stress following childbirth"; "Men within reproduction"; "Power within the health care". In 2012 the subject was "Reprodutive choices – aspects of fertility assistance" and for 2013 the topic is "About rape – consequences for the woman". The society also has a limited monetary fund to support research or travel expenses for scientific meetings for members, on basis of the annual revenue.